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People live on the islands and travel from all parts of the world to visit the area because of the favorable climate, abundance of natural areas, wildlife watching opportunities and, of course, because of the region’s legacy as a fishing hot spot.

Southwest Florida has some of the best Backwater and Open Water fishing in the country.  Backwater fishing, or backcountry fishing, is angling in the extensive network of bays, mangrove islands and tidal creeks that permeate the region. There are thousands of miles of shoreline, countless oyster bars and acres of seagrass beds that attract an abundance of salt water fish.

Roaming these waters are four of the state’s most sought after game fish, Snook, Redfish, spotted Seatrout, and Tarpon. Thousands of anglers come to southwest Florida each year for the chance at a grand slam, catching one individual of each species in one day.

Fishing in the tropical paradise known as Southwest Florida can be one of the most rewarding experiences you may ever have. Much of our coastline is lined with mangroves, a prime ingredient for an estuary which is basically a breeding ground for both bait fish and sport fish. The shallow back bays provide the perfect location to catch any number of species.

If you’re like me, you also enjoy quick excursions to deeper waters where shipwrecks and artificial reefs provide the perfect sanctuary for a variety of Grouper, Snapper, Mackerel, Cobia, Jacks, and so many others including Sharks, Drums and my absolute favorite Triple Tail. When you experience the excitement of your spinning reel screaming as you grasp your fishing rod with everything you’ve got and all the while soaking up rays in a cool sea breeze on a lake like ocean, you’ll know why anglers dream of fishing Southwest Florida.

Our diverse array of aquatic dwellers is astounding. There are more than 1,000 species of fish in the Florida waters and most of them are edible. To avoid overfishing, many rules have been established. To avoid fishing violations, it is well advised to be aware of them. Also if your catch is small, out of season, if you’re not going to eat it always use the Catch and Release program.

As with every sport you just want to go, but before you head out, there are a few things to think about and some great websites to help with all your Fishing Southwest Florida needs.

  • Think Safety and it’s so easy. Tell someone where you’re going and for how long. Have some way to communicate with help if you need it and if you’re going really far offshore you cell is not the answer.
  • Check you Gear to make sure you have all you need. There is nothing worse than spending time and money to get to your favorite fishing spot and finding out you forgot hooks or something as important.
  • Permits: Make sure you have a license if you need it and boat has all the registrations.
  • Have access to catch limits and size requirements.

Other than the obvious like food and water, emergency kit, and the buddy system if possible you’re set.

Check out these sites for answers to all your questions about fishing Southwest Florida;

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Us Coast Guard Boating Safety
Florida Sportsman
Lee County FL Fishing Spots – GPS Coordinates This works for diving of course which I’ll cover soon in another Blog.
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